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2022-10-08 14:27:25 By : Mr. Jack Wong

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Eating a snack or meal that is high in fiber is "desirable for many reasons," regarding your gut health, Lippert explains, noting that fiber "supports a healthy digestive system," helps in "detoxification," soluble fiber "feeds the microbiome," helps to "regulate blood sugar," and also keeps us "fuller for longer." She dubs blackberries to be an excellent fruit of choice to add to your daily yogurt to have a meal that is "rich in fiber." Lippert suggests eating blackberries with "one cup of unsweetened, full-fat Greek yogurt" to benefit your gut and digestion most, noting that these fruits are also great sources of vitamin C and K which benefit your overall health.  

Berries of just about every variety, but "especially blueberries," Richards says, contain "fiber and phytonutrients," which act as antioxidants in the body. "Antioxidants work to reduce free radical damage from toxins which lead to inflammation and chronic disease along with outward impacts like those associated with aging," Richards adds. She notes that blueberries are the "highest in antioxidants," which can help prevent many diseases, and one cup contains four grams of gut-healthy fiber. "Their specific antioxidants are flavonoids, plant compounds that give these berries protection and when consumed give us similar protection on a cellular level as well," she continues.   These versatile berries are also high in nutrients while being low in calories," Richards stresses, and "this makes them an ideal ingredient to shakes, desserts, yogurt or ice cream toppings, or just eaten by themselves." Blueberries have also been linked to reducing blood pressure, blood sugar, and overall risk of chronic disease, she says. "This is likely due to their ability to prevent and reverse oxidative stress," Richards points out, adding that this stress, damage, at the cellular level creates "low-level chronic inflammation that leads to a host of chronic illnesses."

Raspberries are some of the highest fiber fruits out there,” Richter explains. She says that 1 cup of raspberries has eight grams of fiber. “This is nearly 30% of your fiber needs for the day,” she adds, making this a great choice for a healthy addition to your yogurt that can cater to your sweet tooth without the worries of weight gain. She stresses that fruits like raspberries are your “best bet for high-fiber foods that won't push you over your calorie limit for weight loss.” Hunnes agrees and says that adding berries to “non-dairy unsweetened (or lightly sweetened) yogurt such as soy yogurt” can be a fun way to feature this high-fiber snack.

Yogurt (and especially Greek yogurt) has been long linked to healthier digestion and gut health. Feder says that he "always recommends" to his clients that they should eat berries "every day" for more fiber and healthy weight loss. Berries such as raspberries in particular, he says, "contain high levels of antioxidants which can help reduce inflammation throughout the body." They also contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals that can help fight inflammation and keep your body healthy, Feder concludes. Noted!

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