Tackling oxidative stress by restoring, repairing and rebuilding

2022-10-08 14:29:22 By : Ms. Amy Zeng

We talk a lot about antioxidants on our platform – and with good reason; antioxidants play a key role in protecting your cells against free radicals, the dangerous unstable atoms that can damage cells, cause illness and contribute to aging. Free radicals are produced when your body is exposed to cigarette smoke, sunlight and environmental pollutants, but they are also generated when the body breaks down food or when you’re exposed to tobacco smoke or radiation.

Free radicals have a disastrous affect on lipids, proteins and DNA, and even worse, this process can cascade into a chain reaction, causing cellular damage and oxidative stress.  Antioxidants come to the rescue by effectively lending these atoms a missing electron, filling the shell and making them stable once more; they work rather like a natural ‘off’ switch for free radicals, and the term antioxidant that you can read on various products actually refers to their chemical property, rather than any nutritional value.

Longevity.Technology: We are always interested in longevity products, especially those that are tackling age-related damage from an angle we haven’t written about before. When Cellev8 came across our radar, a supplement based on a proprietary formula of superoxide dismutase (an enzyme that catalyses the conversion of superoxide into oxygen and hydrogen peroxide) and resveratrol, natural polyphenols and soluble dietary fibre, we wanted to know more, especially as Cellev8 comes in gummy form, rather than a powder or capsule. We sat down with Michael Ferraro, Cellev8’s Founder and Chairman to discover more about Cellev8 and its proprietary formula.

Tackling oxidative stress was a key goal for Cellev8, as not only does it lead to a cellular damage and an increase of inflammation throughout the body, but it can be caused by so many things, including a poor diet, drinking alcohol, our environment and even exercise.

“As we age, we experience higher levels of oxidative stress on a day-to-day basis,” explains Ferraro. “Because oxidative stress elevates the ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) in cells and changes your DNA and proteins, this leaves the body vulnerable to myriad health issues.”

So, what is Cellev8’s solution? Ferraro describes its key ingredient – SOD – as a literal “barrier for the cells”. Superoxide dimutase protects the body from oxidative stress naturally and when it is depleted, the body can become prone to all sorts of ailments.

“Protecting the body from oxidative stress, helping the body repair damage from oxidative stress and rebuilding the body’s natural defense against oxidative stress increases cellular health and overall healthspan in humans and animals – this is what SOD does and this is why we created Cellev8” explains Ferraro.

While antioxidants are big news in supplements and food choices, superoxide dimutase is not necessarily the first thing one thinks of – but that could change.

“Nobody has ever made a big deal about SOD, but doctors and scientists have been trying to figure out how to get it back into the body – to replenish what’s missing – and help the body repair itself,” explains Ferraro. “In the past, opinion has been that SOD supplements cannot be absorbed into the body or will not work… until now! We believe SOD is actually the most powerful antioxidant there is, more than CoQ10, glutathione and other commonly consumed antioxidants.”

Cellev8’s SOD is combined with a proprietary blends of antioxidant extracts, polyphenols, flavonoids and soluble fibres, all with the aim of providing the body with the most powerful means of fighting oxidative stress and free radicals.

“Cellev8 helps in repairing cells, restoring their energy, boosting your immune system and allowing the body to produce new cells at rates faster than the damage is happening,” says Ferraro.

“Our product, when taken daily, helps to restore and enhance the SOD levels in your body,” he adds, explaining Cellev8 is produced to “Restore, Repair and Rebuild” the body on a cellular level.

Ensuring a supplement works, however, is more that just getting the right blend of ingredients; the right molecules have to get to the right place in the body, meaning a delivery system that ensures a high level of bioavailability.

Cellev8 uses a very specific, clinically-proven SOD that has been microencapsulated to survive the digestive tract, and its proprietary formulation is added layer of protection.

“Through gummy form, we have been able to protect the enzyme further from burning up in the digestive tract, allowing the enzymes and products to reside longer, be absorbed better and work more effectively than just antioxidants or vitamins,” explains Ferraro. “They also tastes great and are a better alternative than typical capsules or powders.”

As well as resveratrol, Cellev8 includes Cognigrape, an extract from red grapes that grow in volcanic soil allowing them to produce very high levels of anthocyanins and proantocyanidins that have been clinically shown to improve cognitive performance and prevent brain aging [1].

As well as SOD-based supplements, Cellev8 has an ethos of building out their product lines to assist people in living a healthier lifestyle from as many points as possible.

“We are launching major social media programs as well as strong national and international partners in the sports fields and active lifestyle communities from the weekend warrior to the pickle baller, right up to college and professional athletes,” says Ferraro. “We feel our products are on the forefront of a new era in health and wellness and the Cellev8 team is dedicated to providing real solutions to people for a better quality of life. We believe in doing good by doing good!

“Our products are here to help rejuvenate people from the cellular level to help them live healthier and hopefully longer. Healthier Cells = Healthier You.”

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[1] https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/21871550/