Tea polyphenols 50%-98% UV green tea extract

1. Green tea leaf extract powder2. Latin name: Camellia sinensis3. Spec.: Tea polyphenol 50% - 98% by UVItemsStandardsDescription AppearanceLight yellow powderExtracted partLeafInspection Mesh Size100%through 80 meshesLoss on Drying5.0% maxBulk Density41-56 g/100mlAsh5.0% maxHeavy Metals10.0 mg/kg maxPb2ppm maxAs2ppm m

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1. Green tea leaf extract powder
2. Latin name: Camellia sinensis
3. Spec.: Tea polyphenol 50% - 98% by UV
AppearanceLight yellow powder
Extracted partLeaf
Mesh Size100%through 80 meshes
Loss on Drying5.0% max
Bulk Density41-56 g/100ml
Ash5.0% max
Heavy Metals10.0 mg/kg max
Pb2ppm max
As2ppm max
Cd1.0 ppm max
Hg1.0ppm max
Solvents Residue0.05% max
Microbiological Inspection 
Total Bacterial Count1000cfu/g max
Total Molds Count100cfu/g max
Staphylococcus aureusNegative
E. ColiNegative
Content Determination 
Total tea polyphenols98.0% min by UV
Total Catechins75.0% min by HPLC
EGCG40.0% min by HPLC
Caffeine1.0% max by HPLC
Tea Polyphenol 50% - 98% by UV Green Tea Extract

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